Who are we?

Welcome to Missoula Ultimate, just about the best fun-loving community of plastic tossers in the country. From pick-up games to competitive club teams, Missoula Ultimate brings together people from all walks of life who are drawn to play the sport for recreation, competition, the opportunity to be outside, share in the spirit of the game, and to have a good time. You will find the Ultimate in Missoula to be welcoming but competitive and you’ll also discover Ultimate players are super involved in the community in many ways. We play hard on and off the fields and we love making Missoula an incredible place to live. Come join the fun!

This website contains useful information about pickup, leagues, and tournaments under the “PLAY” menu above.  Likewise, you can find information about the club teams in the area using the “CLUB” pull-down menu.

Missoula Ultimate is governed by the Missoula Ultimate Federation (MUF), a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting Ultimate and to educating individuals about the qualities and benefits of the sport. MUF accomplishes this by offering venues for participation, leagues, clinics, tournaments, and other activities designed to strengthen ties and promote a healthy lifestyle for community members. MUF also seeks to promote interaction among citizens in a positive, community-building manner and to otherwise contribute to the overall health of the Missoula area. MUF is a proud affiliate of USA Ultimate.

Come Play Ultimate!

The Rules

The purpose of the rules of Ultimate is to provide a standard guideline describing the way the game is played.  In Ultimate it is assumed that no player will intentionally violate the rules; thus there are no harsh penalties for inadvertent infractions, but rather a method for resuming play in a manner that simulates what would most likely have occurred had there been no infraction. This facilitates all players to uphold the rules.



  1. The Field: A rectangular shape with end zones at each end. A regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards, with end zones 25 yards deep.
  2. Initiate Play: Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective end zone line. The defense throws (“pulls”) the disc to the offense. A regulation game has seven players per team.
  3. Scoring: Each time the offense completes a pass in the defense’s end zone, the offense scores a point. Play is initiated after each score.
  4. Movement of the Disc: The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. Players may not run with the disc. The person with the disc (“thrower”) has ten seconds to throw the disc. The defender guarding the thrower (“marker”) counts out the stall count.
  5. Change of Possession: When a pass is not completed (e.g. out of bounds, drop, block, interception), the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.
  6. Substitutions: Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score and during an injury timeout.
  7. Non-contact: No physical contact is allowed between players. Picks and screens are also prohibited. A foul occurs when contact is made.
  8. Fouls: When a player initiates contact on another player a foul occurs. When a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes as if the possession was retained. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone.
  9. Self-Officiating: Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes.
  10. Spirit of the Game: Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of play.

    Thanks to Steve Courlang and Neal Dambra, 1991, for the development of  “Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules”.

Check out the official USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules for complete rules.  USA Ultimate Championship Series competition is subject to additional division-specific competition rules (Youth, College, Club, Masters).