Spring League Filling Up

With just over a week left until registration closes, Spring League 2016 is on track to fill the open slots. Spring League is a great league for players of all levels, from beginners to wiley vets. While the games can be competitive, the goal of the league is for everyone to have fun, have an opportunity to run, learn more about the sport, and enjoy their times together with friends, old and new.
Spread teh word, and if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Sign Up Here!

Missoula Ultimate Partners With Red City Ultimate in Morocco

The Missoula Ultimate Federation is pleased to announce a new partnership to support the growth and development of ultimate in North Africa. This spring MUF will ship a box of discs and Missoula Ultimate Spring League jerseys across the Atlantic in response to a request from the newly minted Moroccan Flying Disc Association (MFDA). MFDA plans to use these materials to conduct educational programs in underserved high schools in Marrakech.

Each year a portion of registration fees for MUF events are redirected into community service activities such as this. MUF is proud to be able to foster a love for and spirit of the game both at home and abroad and thanks the Missoula Ultimate community and extended family for making this possible.”

Spring League 2016 Registration Is Open!!!!!

How to start your day, by Missoula Ultimate:

1. Roll out of bed — slowly now. There’s no rush.
2. Bacon, Coffee, Tea, OJ, Mimosa, etc. as needed.
2b. Probably more bacon.
3. SIGN UP FOR SPRING LEAGUE (Click the link below!)
4. Invite 5 other people to SIGN UP FOR SPRING LEAGUE
5. Now having accomplished something for the day, go play in the snow!!

It’s an interesting time in one’s life. The awkward. The embarrassing. The magical. Not quite old enough, but no longer young. Trying to do everything right,…

2015 Missoula Ultimate Spring League

2015 Missoula Ultimate Spring League registration opens Friday, FEBRUARY 13TH!

The Missoula Ultimate Federation will be putting on its annual 12 team, 8 week spring league. The “free-agent/draft” setup welcomes seasoned veterans and excited newbies alike! The 2015 season will take place on Wednesday evenings at Playfair Park starting April 1st. Register online at http://musl.usetopscore.com/e/musl2015

This year’s theme is… (drumroll!)…

Pandora’s Box

The mystery. The mysticism. The cynicism.

Everything you could ever want out of 8 weeks of Ultimate Frisbee is now at your finger tips.

For years, your Spring League Committee has established a wonderful theme to help guide which costume box you need to dive into. This year, we’re taking our hands off the lid and letting your imaginations run wild; unrestricted – freestyle -independent – destiny – control. Your team, your theme. Introducing…

Missoula Ultimate Spring League 2015: Pandora’s Box

What’s in Pandora’s Box? There’s only one way to find out…

Open it?


So as always, let your imagination and costume box help inspire you to come up with the best theme for your team, and join us this spring for another great season of ultimate frisbee!

There is a cap on the number of male players in the league this year to ensure we get enough women into the league. If you register after the cap has been reached you will be placed on the waitlist and notified when a spot opens. Ie dont wait, register now.

Spring League is hosted by the Missoula Ultimate Federation (MUF). Every year MUF is responsible for growing and sustaining ultimate here in Missoula. As a non-profit, MUF relies on support through donations from community members like you. This year registrants can choose to make a $10 donation to MUF at checkout. Please consider donating $10 and joining “Club Amant du MUF” to support ultimate in your community.