"What it is.... is a social club with a frisbee problem"

- Michael Faris

Spring League 2015

2015 Missoula Ultimate Spring League registration opens Friday, FEBRUARY 13TH!

The Missoula Ultimate Federation will be putting on its annual 12 team, 8 week spring league. The “free-agent/draft” setup welcomes seasoned veterans and excited newbies alike! The 2015 season will take place on Wednesday evenings at Playfair Park starting April 1st. Register online at http://musl.usetopscore.com/e/musl2015

This year’s theme is… (drumroll!)…

Pandora’s Box

The mystery. The mysticism. The cynicism.

Everything you could ever want out of 8 weeks of Ultimate Frisbee is now at your finger tips.

For years, your Spring League Committee has established a wonderful theme to help guide which costume box you need to dive into. This year, we’re taking our hands off the lid and letting your imaginations run wild; unrestricted – freestyle -independent – destiny – control. Your team, your theme. Introducing…

Missoula Ultimate Spring League 2015: Pandora’s Box

What’s in Pandora’s Box? There’s only one way to find out…

Open it?


So as always, let your imagination and costume box help inspire you to come up with the best theme for your team, and join us this spring for another great season of ultimate frisbee!

There is a cap on the number of male players in the league this year to ensure we get enough women into the league. If you register after the cap has been reached you will be placed on the waitlist and notified when a spot opens. Ie dont wait, register now.

Spring League is hosted by the Missoula Ultimate Federation (MUF). Every year MUF is responsible for growing and sustaining ultimate here in Missoula. As a non-profit, MUF relies on support through donations from community members like you. This year registrants can choose to make a $10 donation to MUF at checkout. Please consider donating $10 and joining “Club Amant du MUF” to support ultimate in your community.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us regarding anything ultimate related at info@missoulaultimate.com

For anything Spring League related, please contact us at missoulaultimatespringleague@gmail.com

For up to date, current events, in a social media kind of way facebook.com/pages/Missoula-Ultimate



Welcome to our community, welcome to Missoula Ultimate.  From pickup games to competitive club teams, Missoula Ultimate brings peolple from all walks of life who are drawn to play the sport for recreation, for competition, for the opportunity to be outside, to share in the spirit of the game, and to have a good time.   You will find the Ultimate in Missoula is quite good at Ultimate but the good times Ultimate players have are brilliant!

This website contains useful information about pickup, leagues, and tournaments under the Play pull down menu above.  Likewise, you can find information about the club teams in the area using the Club pull down menu.

Missoula Ultimate is loosely governed by the Missoula Ultimate Federation (MUF), a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting Ultimate and to educating individuals about the qualities and benefits of the sport. MUF accomplishes this by offering venues for participation, leagues, clinics, tournaments, and other activities designed to strengthen ties and promote a healthy lifestyle for community members. MUF also seeks to promote interaction among citizens in a positive, community-building manner and to otherwise contribute to the overall health of the Missoula area.

Come Play Ultimate!


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pickUPPPP! Tonight. Riverbowl. 5:30p. Come get your throws ready for the Halloween Hat! It's getting darker earlier, so please try to show up even a bit earlier. If the football team is there we can patiently wait and throw off to the side until they are finished. Then it's game on!!! ...

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Halloween Hat 2015

October 31, 2015, 10:00am

McCormick Park

It's that bittersweet time of year yet again! The end of the ultimate season brings meloncholy, but thank goodness for the Missoula Ultimate Halloween Hat to lift our spirits! Per usual: - Games will be at McCormick park. - Potluck breakfast starts *promptly* at 10a - Please, please, please bring a breakfast item, or at least $5 to toss into the hat. - Names must be in the hat by 11a at the latest or we totally won't add you randomly to a team later. - Costumes required.

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