"What it is.... is a social club with a frisbee problem"

- Michael Faris

River Shitty Shit Show 2013!!!!

Attention Athletes: Don’t miss the second annual River City Frisbee Party! It is back by popular complaint and will be more fun than last year. Some details are below and more will follow and be posted on the Facebooks.

LOCATION: Playfair Park, next to Splash Montana

SCHEDULE/FORMAT: There will be a potluck breakfast at 8 am, with games starting at 9am. Depending on numbers, we will aim for four to six teams, with a round robin play format.

POST-GAME PLAN: After games finish (3ish), we will head over to Splash Montana to ride the slides and lazy river before we go downtown to boogie our butts off at the River City Roots Fest. The headliner, Railroad Earth, starts at 8:30. Here’s a link to the full line-up:


COST: $10 gets your name in the hat, access into the water park, field food, beer, and all of the fun you can handle. WHAT A DEAL!?!

RSVP to the following Facebook group please:

Springtime Ultimate in Missoula

Its been a busy spring for Missoula Ultimate. Both the Mens and Womens college squads competed in the USAU College Regionals, valiantly representing our fair city. Spring League completed its 13th season with the Quiet Cowboys defeating Those Fracking Guys in a rain soaked championship game in classic MUSL form. Bozofest over memorial day weekend had 2 Missoula-laden squads competing against the best in the Northwest in uncharacteristically beautiful weather, with our very own Mental Toss Flycoons bringin home Larry…..again.  That pretty much wraps up the spring.  Summer is upon us.  Riverbowl pickup is back in action on Wednesday evenings, so c’mon down.

Holy S%#t…..Spring League is Coming!

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that spring in Missoula will once again feature Spring League!!! Sport disc and springtime, debauchery and comradery, and so much more.
Yes, Missoula Ultimate Federation is once again running a 12 team “free-agent/draft” league. We are returning to the traditional time and location, Wednesday nights at Playfair Park. All you need to do to get in on the action is register. Registration will open on President’s Day (February 18th) and we will provide more information on “the ins and out of registration” next week.
We are really excited about the theme this year. Alot of people provided great input and we have a theme to celebrate the uniqueness, variety and diversity of the last best place. This year’s theme is… The Montucky Cirque du Cliche. 

Let your imaginations run wild and we will have teams to celebrate every stereotype of Montanans and Montana culture. From the Bro-Brahs of Bozeman, the fans of Griz Nation and the Flathead Militia, the possibilities are endless.

For now, remember registration opens on President’s day.

Halloween Hat Tournament!!!

The annual Missoula Ultimate Federation Halloween Hat Tournament will be held Saturday, November 3rd at McCormick Park! Potluck breakfast and keg tapping will commence at 9:00, teams will be drawn from the hat at 10:00, and games will start shortly thereafter. In keeping with tradition, there will be prizes for best costume and merciless heckling for those without. Stay tuned for more details!

Flycoons Win Regionals, Headed to Nationals in Sarasota

Wow! Missoula Ultimate is so proud to announce our awesome club team, the Mental Toss Flycoons took the only bid to nationals from the Northwest Region by climbing the ladder fromt he #4 seed to take the tourney!!! They smoked the field, not being threatened in any game and beating a stacked Great Northern Ultimate team in the finals. Congrats MTF! Caleb StanekAngela MallonSarah MegyesiSkyla SiscoMark Aagenes,Will SuttonTyler AlbrethsenPeter BenderScott Albrethsen,Andrea Kuenzli, Kevin Ryder, Suzie Walter, Hugh Carey, Martha Ellis, and crew!

MUF Seeks Boardmember

Love Ultimate? Love seeing it grow in your community?  Well, then you might be the perfect fit for the Missoula Ultimate Federation board of directors.  If you’re interested, let us know at info@missoulaultimate.com

Big Sky Mixed Club Sectionals

Back by popular demand…the Missoula Ultimate Federation again has the pleasure of hosting Big Sky Mixed Club Sectionals! This is a two day tournament, September 15th and 16th, at the Playfair Park/Sentinel High field complex in Missoula. In addition to two days of spirited competition and sideline merriment, your bid includes a Friday night meet-and-greet and Saturday dinner & party!

MOST IMPORTANT: Since this is a series event and USA Ultimate sanctioned, registration and rostering must be completed via USA Ultimate. TEAMS WISHING TO PARTICIPATE ARE *REQUIRED* TO SUBMIT A ROSTER WITH AT LEAST 10 PLAYERS BY AUGUST 24TH!!! Seven more players may be added after this date – the very last day to add players is September 11th.

More info to come soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, get a hold of Ange or Markie!!!


River City S#@t Show – August 25th

Missoula Ultimate will be hosting a hat tournament on August 25th to celebrate friends, family, freedom and music!  Come on down to the first River City Ultimate Music Fest at Playfair Park.  We will play a hat style tournament in the morning, hit Splash Montana in the afternoon and then the River City Roots fest for the rest of the weekend!  What better way to welcome the students back to Missoula?  See the details below.

What:  River Shitty Shit Show

When:  August 25th, 9:00am

Where:  Playfair Park, Missoula, MT

Format:  Hat Tournament

Cost:  $10/person

Extras:  For anyone who has been to the Revelstoke Ultimate tournament, we are going to kick this up a notch.  We will play disc in the morning, hit the waterpark in the afternoon and then go to the River City Roots festival in the evening.  All this for only $10!  If that isn’t enough, we will throw in a few kegs to boot!  (Not literally boot, Rowdy).  Check out the Facebook page for info updated regularly.  Also, check out the lineup for the River City Roots Fest…it is going to be sweet.  All are welcome!

Summer Pickup Wednesdays

Thanks to those who took the time to fill out the surveys about pickup. One thing was very clear from the responses, Wednesday will remain the premiere night for pickup. Almost everyone said Wednesday is the best night if they were to only play once a week.
About half of the respondents said they would like to play only once a week. Most of the other half would play twice and some diehards would play every m’fing day of the week if it were possible. What does this mean? It means we should be guaranteed to have one well attended game of pickup every week on Wednesday evenings.
There maybe enough interest to have a second  weekly game. The competitive team practices Tuesday, potentially making Friday a more appealing choice than Monday. But, I will leave that in the hands of those players who show up on WEdnesdsays to decide.
So in the shell of a small nut: Wednesday night is pickup night. People want a time? well start playing at 630. Other nights to be determined at the discretion of “the regulars”

Draught Works Chug-For-Charity Fundraiser For MUFF

Getting the word out. Chug-for-Charity for Missoula Ultimate Frisbee Federation at Draught Works this TUESDAY, MAY 22.
If you like Ultimate and the whole ultimate community here in Missoula, c’mon down. You get beer, MUFF gets philanthropic dollars to support our programs. Everybody wins!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us regarding anything ultimate related at info@missoulaultimate.com

For anything Spring League related, please contact us at missoulaultimatespringleague@gmail.com

Rules of Ultimate

Ultimate In 10 Simple Rules:
1. The Field: A rectangular shape with end zones at each end. A regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards, with end zones 25 yards deep.
2. Initiate Play: Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective end zone line. The defense throws (“pulls”) the disc to the offense. A regulation game has seven players per team.

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Frosty Layout

Ben Weiss undeterred by typical spring league weather.

Halloween Hat Tourney Race

The young pups take the “fastest man in Missoula” race – but not a lack...