Halloween Hat 2017

Fall is in the air and we’ll all be turning our attention to winter fun soon. That is, unless you are a MTPillowfight or Montana Smokejump member…then you will just turn your attention to indoor Ultimate!
We have one more super fun opportunity to get together for a full day of Ultimate. The 2017 Halloween Hat will take place, once again, at McCormick Park. Details forthcoming!

Congratulations Mental Toss Flycoons

If you haven’t heard, our very own Flycoons came away from USA Ultimate Northwest Mixed Regionals this past weekend beating seed. The Flycoons are loaded with young talent and represent a new era for the team, with college players joining the ranks and building for the future. The start of the weekend proved rough, having to face the #1 seed and #3 seeds teams right away but the team found their legs and finished the day strong making it to a quarterfinal showdown with fellow Big Sky section qualifier Bozeman. Sunday’s game was a barn burner with incredible defensive plays and effort abound. While most other teams finished their quaterfinal play, Missoula and Bozeman were still sitting at 3-4. Flycoons played hard, getting several breaks in the second half but in the end it wasn’t quite enough and they fell at the cap 8-10. It sent them out of natties contention but for a team seeded 10th to finish top 8 in a tough region is more than admirable! Congrats Flycoons!!!!

Oh What A Night

What a gorgeous night for pickup last night…and what a crowd! Over 30 folks, ranging from new to old and young to…old. Met a visitor from Austria, and a player from Rhode Island. Reminded me of the days not too long ago when we had strong pickup games Monday-Wednesday-Friday. And the ladies – well they rocked the house more than Laura Ingraham’s call for Cruz to endorse.
Remember, Missoula’s Ultimate community comes together on Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to dusk, for awesome pick up games at the Riverbowl. And if that’s not enough, Hellgate High School’s team welcomes all to a casual pickup game on Wednesday evenings at 830P at Pineview Park in the Rattlesnake.