The Mental Toss Flycoons (MTF) are Missoula’s elite mixed club ultimate team. Though the name goes back to the mid 80’s courtesy of Frank Zappa and his hit “Moving to Montana,” the team stormed the stage at the turn of the millennium.

MTF earned successive National Championship appearances from 2006-2009, a national championship in 2008 and world’s bronze medal in Prague in 2010.

2011 ushered in a new group of young Flycoons and a roughly 90% roster shift. The young and extremely talented group of new Flycoons took 9th at NW Regionals and boasted some big wins for a new team, including a win over #2 seeded and Seattle’s top squad Big Foot at regionals.

MTF returned some veteran talent in 2012. The mix of experience and athletic ability earned the Flycoons another National Championships birth, defeating Seattle’s Great Northern Ultimate to take the Northwest’s region’s only bid.
Seattle returned the favor in the 2013 and 2015 regional finals, with the Flycoons losing to The DOH Abides and Mixtape, respectively, in the game to go to Nationals. In 2014, the Missoula men competed in the open division.

Since 2016, the Mental Toss Flycoons have been fostering local, young talent in the Missoula area. In 2016 MTF finished 8th at the Northwest Regional Competition, and 5th in 2017.

The support and spirit of the Missoula community allows the Mental Toss Flycoons to thrive. MTF competes against cities drawing from much larger population pools, but an attitude and lifestyle which fosters love, fun, hard work, strong communication, and equity has maintained a thriving competitive team.


Mental Toss Flycoons still thrives in the hearts of many Missoula Ultimate players, but in 2019 MTF combined forces with the Bozeman Bozos to form MOONDOG. For more information, visit the MOONDOG page.