Missoula Ultimate Federation- Board of Directors


The Board of Directors oversees the financial health and long-term planning of Missoula Ultimate by approving the annual budget, setting organizational priorities, promoting the sport of Ultimate, provide community service, educate youth on the positive attributes of the sport, and contribute to the community The board is composed of 9 committed community members, who meet bi-annually to review our

Interested in becoming a Missoula Ultimate Federation board member? Come see what we do by visiting one of our board meetings to see how we conduct business, or take a look at our past meeting minutes.

To apply to join the board, complete the applicatant questionnaire form and send your responses to Caleb Stanek. Applications for board membership are accepted on a rolling basis, with three board member positions ending terms each year. The Board will review all applications and notify candidates of opportunities as they arise.

We are always seeking out volunteers to help with leagues, tournaments, and youth committees. Follow the links for more information.


Current Board Members:

Andrew Valainis (President)

Tyler Albrethsen (Vice-President)

Angela Mills

Caleb Stanek

Amberleigh Hammond

Lily Vaughn

Ty Lynch

Shelbie White

Tanner Saul