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Summer Pick-Up

Spring League came to a spectacular finale as Blue-S-A had a 16-14 comeback victory over Walk Hard- Quads of Fury. Congratulations!

As Spring League comes to a close, Summer pick-up will begin to gain momentum. The best days for pick-up are typically Wednesdays @ 6:30pm. Stay tuned to our facebook page to receive community updates on pick-up times.

First Day of Pick-Up!

St. Patrick’s Day is the officially unofficial start of pickup in Missoula! Join us as we celebrate ultimate frisbee and those who founded our great tradition. Leave the light and dark at home, but remember to bring a green and an orange! And of course, your beverage of choice. Hope to see you all @ 4pm on Saturday, March 17th, the usual spot!

Halloween Hat 2017

Fall is in the air and we’ll all be turning our attention to winter fun soon. That is, unless you are a MTPillowfight or Montana Smokejump member…then you will just turn your attention to indoor Ultimate!
We have one more super fun opportunity to get together for a full day of Ultimate. The 2017 Halloween Hat will take place, once again, at McCormick Park. Details forthcoming!